About Us

STRAPLETZ is a fashion-forward company that sells an assortment of jeweled bra straps as an alternative to plain bra straps. Created for stylish, trendy women with a fashion sense for fun and unique touches. STRAPLETZ is a unique accessory and a stylish way to show off bra straps with an array of styles to fit different moods or looks.
Rhinestone and colored crystal bra straps are stylish and complement the wearer’s outfit with a trendsetting look. Whether you’re going to a special occasion event or a club with friends, the STRAPLETZ interchangeable bra straps are sophisticated and sassy.
Easily attach the interchangeable bra straps to your favorite strapless or convertible bras. Choose from our wide array of handmade and high-quality Interchangeable bra straps.
Due to popular demand, STRAPLETZ has expanded its product line to include additional fashion accessories. We continue to strive to bring products to our customers that are fun, stylish and unique.
Strapletz make unique gifts for any occasion!
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